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Seo Optimization Blog is needed and have several ways and one of them by learning to shoot the keyword part of SEO techniques and beginner’s how to find out how optimization SEO blog search engine, if we know how far the position of our blogs on search engines then the arrival of visitors to blog we will lose with the blogs that have a top position on search engines.

Seo idea that comes from the blog walking into and a little pluck from the “way of keyword optimization” and tried to conduct a survey with a search engine optimization seo how to add a little blog with the keywords generated via https: / / / and some backlinks as supporting optimization blog seo and positioning on search engines.

As the keyword sniper do a little touch of keywords on Google adword we make comparisons on how many keywords are used then with minimal user keyword “OPTIMIZATION TO BLOG” then the more chance we occupy the top position search engine, as long as those keywords> 1000 search in a month so we do not loss.

And then stay memboomark article on and pingomatic as reinforcing our blog on search engines in the future.

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